AutoBooom Add-ons Features

A fine DMS for Automobile dealers which includes all modules like Pre-Sales Enquiry Management, Vehicle Sales, Vehicle Service, Spares and Complete Accounting Modules. This software is conceived and prepared by a team of experienced software engineers and automotive consultants.

Tally Bridging

All accounting data from AutoBooom will be exported to Tally with a single click there is no need to reenter the data manually in Tally.

Cloud Backup (Offline Version Only)

Data will be saved on the cloud daily, so if you lose your data and system, you have it on the cloud.

Managerial SMS/WhatsApp

A daily workshop summary SMS containing total sales, cash & credit, vehicle reports, and expenses will be sent to the workshop owner.

Loyalty Card Program

This is a customer referral program. Customers will receive a high-quality matte finish card printed with your dealership logo and details

Bar Code / QR Code

You can scan vehicles and spare parts’ barcodes/QR Codes using a barcode or QR Codes gun.

User Log

You can check the user log records to see who added and edited the records.

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