Module Features For Dealers

Experience the future of automobile dealership management with AUTOBOOOM. Elevate your operations, boost profitability, and create lasting customer relationships with our comprehensive and innovative solution.

1. Sales Module

  • Manages the entire sales process, from lead generation to closing deals.
  • Tracks customer interactions and preferences.
  • Facilitates vehicle selection, pricing, and financing.

2. Service Module

  • Handles service appointments and scheduling.
  • Manages vehicle maintenance and repairs.
  • Tracks service history for each customer.

3. Spares Module

  • Manages inventory of spare parts and accessories.
  • Facilitates ordering, receiving, and stocking of spare parts.
  • Tracks sales and returns of spare parts.

5. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Centralizes customer information and interactions.
  • Supports lead management and conversion tracking.
  • Enhances customer engagement and satisfaction.

7. Reporting and Analytics

  • Provides insights through various reports on sales, service, and inventory.
  • Enables data-driven decision-making for dealership management.

4. Accounts Module

  • Manages financial transactions, including invoicing and billing.
  • Tracks payments, expenses, and other financial activities.
  • Generates financial reports for analysis.

6. Inventory Management

  • Manages the overall inventory, including vehicles, spare parts, and accessories.
  • Tracks stock levels, reordering points, and inventory turnover.